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The following is a list of Computer Games. It contains site lists to help you with hints and technical information.


The 7th Guest Faq The FAQ for T7G is essentially a collection of ASCII art maps and hints or flat out solutions to the game's brain-numbing puzzles.


Air Warrior Web Site The Air Warrior Web Site is a full sevice resource for both newcommers and experienced players.

Air Warrior on CRC Net CRC is a service provider for both regular Net accounts and Net multiplayer gaming.

Air Warrior FTP At the central FTP AW site you can download front-end software kits for PC, Mac, and Amiga computers and supplement the basic setup with art files that can customize the appearance of your plane.

Air Warrior FAQ The FAQ at cactus is an extremely funny document by Gary Cooper that covers the AW spectrum from a PC SVGA perspective.


Civilization Page The Civ Page isn't graphically flashy, it contains just the bare bone info that newcomers and followers alike will need to master the game.

Civilization Faq WWW, Civilization FAQ FTP Self-professed Civ freak and Games Domain honcho Dave Stanworth compiled this FAQ that is available in both hypertext nad regular text versions.

Mac Civilization Page Mac Civ is an extremely handy resource since the original FAQ is several years old and PC biased.


Colonization FAQ Games with the degree of complexity that Colonization has are rough for the first-time player. Do yourself a huge favor and seek out this FAQ.


Dark Forces Home Page The Dark Forces Page is but one part of Jason Ruspini's expansive and inspireing Star Wars Web Site.

Dark Forces FAQ web page Dark Forces FAQ FTP Site The Dark Forces FAQ is unbelievably detailed. Considering that the full FAQ was made available less than one month after the release of the game.


Level Alpha: The Descent Home Page Level Alpha is a great place to start your fact-finding mission. The FAQ is linkable in plain or hypertext ant it will answer every question you could possibly have.

Descent WWW Information This is where the Descent link at DoomGate will take you.Though not quite as beefy as Level Alpha, this site takes the crucial information on Descent and offers it up in a straight-forward manner. The FAQ and Download sites are here and a direct link to the cheat code section is easy to find.

Descent FAQ John DeCuir's Descent FAQ is nicely done, indeed.

Descent Discussion The Descent newsgroup is extremely active with lots of posts concerning keyboard/peripheral configs and tips for particular levels.

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